PPC Advertising

Pay Per click (PPC) Advertising can be an essential part of any Digital Marketing campaign.

Currently, the majority of search engines offer guaranteed and instant visibility on their result pages for a small fee.

However, this task which was considered to be a simple form of online advertising, has grown progressively more complicated.

We make PPC advertising trouble-free and straightforward in order to save you time and money.

And with the Google Grant Program PPC adverts are completely FREE for Charities and non profits.

PPC Management

Ad Charity Plus+ offers a comprehensive Google PPC management program and FREE AdWord training to all Charities and non profit organisations.

This will enable you to fully understand your campaigns while we help you to learn how to monitor your conversions.

Our PPC management program isn’t template driven. It is tailored around your organisation and will include weekly traffic reports and quarterly marketing plans. So you will always be up to date on your websites performance.

If you are unsure whether PPC is right for your non profit website, get your FREE SEO Report to see if there are other areas your website could improve on to increase traffic and donations.